Content Writing: To Do or not To Do?

According to Longman dictionary, content is the information contained in a websiteconsidered separately from the software that makes the website work”. It makes the website work, and that is why it is actually important to write your content carefully. It has great influence on how visible your website is in search engines and many other functions we are going to discuss today.

To begin with, there are various types of content writing: blog writing, journalistic article writing, press release writing, and advertising writing. Other types are technical and business writing, digital and social media writing. The main type this article will be about is SEO writing.  Before we dive into it deeper, let’s think: is content writing easy in general? What should you do if you want to become a content writer?

If you know nothing about content writing, you may think it’s all about stating facts that have the slightest relevance to the chosen topic. But it is more than just words. In order to become a successful content writer, you need to learn it systematically, and you must have certain skills that will help you on your path.
First, a good content writer should be versatile. Master different writing styles and show that you are suitable for any task there is.
Second, don’t be random. You shouldn’t just come up with a topic without having done research. Find out the keywords, the angle you want to write in, choose the appropriate title and after that you may start.
Third, be original. Sure, there are thousands posts on every topic possible, still you can bring your unique voice to the theme of your text.
And fourth, know your work – be aware of SEO, WordPress and keep up with the strategies that will make your text helpful in terms of search engine optimization.

So, if you believe you can easily pull off a content writing position – go ahead and start! But where should you start?
First of all, study diverse writing techniques and all the instruments that will be helpful in this position – that includes, as mentioned, SEO and WordPress. Also, practice! Sign up in freelance websites and do some projects to showcase your skills. Find an internship with a well-experienced mentor. The first option  may help you promote your freelancer account and you can work from home. The second one may be your first opportunity to start a career in the company. Your choice.

Whichever path you choose, you will need to make your texts SEO-friendly in most cases. So what is SEO-friendly content? It helps your text and your website be visible in search engines and rank higher, therefore bring more clients and more success. In order to make you content SEO-friendly, you need to do your homework – complete some keywords research, which is a vital part of SEO; come up with a well-optimized title that will be simple yet eye-catching; structure your article yet make it readable. Don’t think it’s easy because it’s just text – be responsible and give your best to it.

Consistently update your knowledge and don’t just write texts, create them!