Reasons why your startup needs an MVP

MVP for Your Startup: Reasons Why You need it

If you want to order your lunch, you use Glovo. Afterward, you post a picture of your lunch on Instagram. Then, you receive messages wondering where you ordered the meal from on Facebook. We can’t imagine our lives without these apps. It seems like they entered our lives promptly and have always been successful. However, not many people remember what they looked like at first. They used to be primitive apps no one heard about. They succeeded gradually, having started with a simple MVP.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It helps to answer the questions you may be asking yourself before the launch: will the potential customers find your product useful? How else can you improve the product? Is your idea going to gain popularity? MVP or Minimum Viable Product will answer those questions and oversee all the possible surprises.

What is an MVP?

MVP is a product with basic, but essential features of your final product. Once you release it to the market, you will see if the users validate your idea and if your product will succeed.

MVP is a basic version of your final product

Why Should a Business Start with an MVP?

1.       Minimum Time on Development

Developing a full application is time- and resource-consuming. Meanwhile, building an MVP takes only a couple of months and allows you to jump into the market quickly, thus have better chances to succeed.

2.       Feedback from Users

Your idea might be different from the needs of the user. For instance, the original idea of Instagram was for people to check in the places they visited. However, after having launched the MVP they decided to it and go with users’ expectations. Therefore, starting with an MVP might help you make your project more customer-oriented.

3.       Demonstration for Potential Investors

When you have an idea only in your head, it may not be attractive for the potential investors. However, when you release an MVP and they see the real image of your idea, it increases your chances to be heard and noticed.

4.       Get your first customers

First of all, you will attract first customers that enjoy your idea. Afterward, they will tell about it to their friends – that’s how the viral effect is started. By the time you launch the final version of your product, you will have some loyal customers!


So, as you can see, the MVP is full of advantages for your startup. The only disadvantage about it is that no matter how positive and great influence the MVP is, it cannot guarantee the success of your startup. Unfortunately, nothing can.

Still, if you are willing to try – and you should be! – Amnera offers the service of developing an MVP for you. Turn a Minimum Viable Product into an advantage and have a stroke of good luck!